Versace Marijuana Strain


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 15% – 25%

For Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Stress



Versace Marijuana Strain

This bud is a three-way cross between Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple and offers relaxing effects particularly for a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Lovers of sweeter strains will gravitate toward Versace, as it features a blend of berries, lemon, earth, and a hint of kush. Her fragrance, on the other hand, leans more toward a spicy note that’s heavily perfumed with diesel.

The high of this strain is a mixture of energy and relaxation, euphoria and calm seem to permeate your being all at once, allowing you to have a restful afternoon or evening.

Versace Marijuana Strain is a great choice for patients suffering from depression, chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines, and chronic pain.

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1/8 Oz (3.5 Grams), 1/4 Oz (7 Grams), 1/2 Oz (14 Grams), 1 Oz (28 Grams), 1/2 Pound (8 Oz), 1 Pound (16 Oz)


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